In 1998, the Diomed Group acquired Aeropak (Chemical Products) Limited, a contract manufacturer specialising in volatile pharmaceuticals, enabling the group to secure its long-term strategic supply of products from Aeropak.

The Aeropak name provides a clue to the Company's origins, more than 30 years ago, as a packer of model aircraft fuel. This highly specialist expertise created a sound base for the logical progression from handling flammable aircraft fuel to handling volatile pharmaceuticals, which became Aeropak's forte.

Since its takeover, Aeropak has benefited from an extensive modernisation and investment programme. These efforts culminated in the Company moving, in 2002, to a specially commissioned, state-of-the-art, new manufacturing site in Great Yarmouth. This large, modern factory provides substantially improved facilities to manufacture a greater quantity and variety of pharmaceutical products to the highest applicable standards of GMP.

Today, Aeropak produces many NHS medicines for Dermal, as well as many OTC products for Diomed Pharmaceuticals.